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Clinical Pharmacists Solutions is an award-winning Training, Recruitment and Clinical Services provider that specialises in Primary Care related services. As well as employing Pharmacists and Technicians for our organisation, we also help other Primary Care organisations with their hiring needs too. Some of the vacancies below are for direct employment with us, some are for external organisations, such as individual GP surgeries, PCNs or Federations. The job description will specify if the employment is with an external organisation.


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Keywords: North - Remote - South
Locations: Midlands - North - Remote - South

Clinical Pharmacist Contractor - CPSC20

Non-IP Pharmacist Contractor - [Remote]

IP Pharmacist Contractor - CPSCIP20

IP Pharmacist Contractor - [Remote]

Pharmacy Technician Contractor - CPSPTC1

Pharmacy Technician Contractor - [Remote]

Pharmacy Technician Employed - CPSPT3

Pharmacy Technician Employed - [Remote]

Clinical Pharmacist - WMD01

Clinical Pharmacist - West Mendip: Street, Wells & Glastonbury

Clinical Pharmacist - WOOD5

Clinical Pharmacist - Woodford, London

Pharmacy Technician - CAMB02

Pharmacy Technician - Cambridgeshire

IP Clinical Pharmacist - CAMB03

IP Clinical Pharmacist - Cambridgeshire